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Effortlessly Measure and Offset Your Carbon Impact Each Month

Offsetting Life is Possible

How Our Solution Works

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Life affects the planet - we calculate your emissions

Your Impact

Sequester carbon from the atmosphere and reduce your emissons to ZERO


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Effective?

We offset your impact through carbon sequestered credits. This means the carbon is extracted from the air and stored underground in a safe and efficient way. Therefore, every unit of carbon we offset for you has been taken directly out of the environment.

Is it Secure?

Your data is extremely important to us. We anonymize your information while conducting our carbon impact calculation to maximize privacy and security.

Is it Expensive?

The Average American emits 1.5 Tons of CO2 monthly. Through our platform this could cost around 20 dollars each month depending on our credits and your offset percentage.

Making a Difference

Global warming is upon us and we need to start taking our emissions out of the atmosphere. Tired of the inaction and continued degradation of the environment Offset.Life was formed with a mission to connect you to your footprint, offset it, and learn over time how to reduce your overall footprint as we transition towards a green society. Changing our lifestyle is hard and everything we do has some impact on the planet, but we can solve this problem together.


Our Values

People -  every stakeholder has intrinsic value

Planet - support long-term ecological balance

Privacy - maximizing data anonymity and protection

Balance Your Impact

It is time to take our emissions into our own hands. Every purchase we make whether it be rent, dinner, or travel adds to our impact on the planet. Assess your purchases to determine the carbon impact. empowers you to make a difference and balance it out.

Start Your Carbon Neutral Journey

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